CML-4: Camillia Range Hood IV

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Stainless steel variation of Camillia Range Hood will spice up your kitchen! This range hood style has become the heart of many kitchens with its unique bell shape design. Manipulating the bell shape gives us endless posiblities to make this desing fit your kitchen style and size. Now available in stainless steel with no ornaments or have it dressed up with any style of straps and buttons to fit your fancy. Did I mention patina? Yes, patina options available even on stainless for rustic effect!  There's no project ever too small or big for us, this flexible design allows us to either blend in or stand out! Each range hood features an open back and top for either venting applications. Hand made units are built to order only. Start with a quote below and have us build you a dream range hood! Camillia pictured is 60"x24"x40"

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Camillia Range Hood IV price starts $2,997 for 36"x21"x26" in galvanized steel with no patina.

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Art of Rain offers Insert Options for your Range Hood. Specifications: 2-3 dimmable 50-watt halogen lights, Variable or 3-speed motor control(varies by model), Internal motor models deliver 1200 CFM, 600 CFM or 390 CFM(Code Compliant), Dishwasher safe commercial stainless baffle filters, Easy to Clean and Maintain, Commercial grade stainless steel(#304, 24-gauge) and galvanized steel construction, Air outlets: 10"x3.25" rectangle or 7" round (390 CFM), 8" round (600 CFM) and 10" round(1200 CFM).

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Art of Rain offers a Steel Liner for your range hood. People have confused and misused the word liner to refer to the insert. Insert is your stainless steel ventilation unit that houses the blower, lights and baffles. Liner is a fill between the range hood and insert made out of the same material as your range hood. No insert or range hood are the same size and therefore will have a gap that needs to be filled. That's where your liner comes in to fill the gap. We manufacture liners that are custom designed to accommodate the insert of your choice and are pre-built into the range hood with matching finish as your range hood. No need to do any additional installation. Liner cost: $150-$400

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