CML-1: Camillia Copper Range Hood I



Optional Large Top Band

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Optional Large Bands


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Product Description 

The Camillia Range Hood is one of our most favored and popular Traditional designs. Beautiful copper patina surface is easy to maintain and will hold it's color for years of enjoyment. Copper range hoods are crafted with solid Alaskan copper and highest quality parts. All straps are fastened with copper rivets and handmade copper buttons. Each range hood can be exhausted through the top or out the back. Made to order and ships ready to be installed! Handcrafted in Battle Ground, Washington. If you are looking for an affordable custom range hood, look no further! Camillia I pictured is 54"x41"x24"

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Camillia I base price starts $2,500 for 36"x26"x21"

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Art of Rain offers Insert Options for your Range Hood(sold seperately). Specifications: Electronic LED with Time Delay Controls, 4 Speed 900-1200 CFM Blower, Halogen Lights, Stainless Baffle Filters, Seamless Design, Easy to Clean and Maintain, Brushed #430 Stainless Steel, Air outlet: 6"-8"

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Art of Rain offers a Copper Liner for your Range Hood. Liner is a fill between the range hood and insert/blower. Fit and finished to inserts factory specifications or hand measured specifications. A copper liner will compliment well any stainless steel insert. We love to patina match our liners with the range hood!

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