Custom Copper Range Hoods

Specializing in custom copper and stainless steel range hoods to deliver quality work at competitive prices that fit your budget. All handmade in USA from a single sheet into beautiful works of art. It's time to spice up your kitchen theme and choose one of the following designs or let us bring your idea to life: email: or simply call: 360-891-6540

range hood_thumb_128
Amelia Range Hood
 range hood_thumb_129
Stella Range Hood
 range hood_thumb_127
Boston Range Hood
thumb range_hood_068
Berenice Copper Range Hood
Camillia Copper Range Hood-I
Camillia Copper Range Hood I
thumb range_hood_54
Wide Camillia Copper Range Hood
 thumb range_hood_072
Camillia Copper Range Hood II
thumb range_hood_075
Estella Copper Range Hood I
range hood_thumb_112
Montana Copper Range Hood
 range hood_thumb_93
Craftsman Copper Range Hood

thumb range_hood_033
Tall Berenice Copper Range Hood 

range hood_thumb_107
Bettina Copper Range Hood

 thumb range_hood_66
Camillia Copper Range Hood III
thumb 1.5
Tall Bettina Range Hood II
 thumb range_hood_76
Bettina Copper Range Hood II
 range hood_thumb_87
Camillia Range Hood IV
 range hood_thumb_89
Carolina Range Hood
range hood_thumb_98
Pearl Range Hood
 thumb range_hood_60
Adele Copper Range Hood

thumb range_hood_038
Tall Camillia Copper Range Hood

 thumb range_hood_61
Caprice Copper Range Hood
About Copper Range Hoods

Why Copper?


There is nothing more beautiful than natural copper material. Some of the most beautiful range hood designs are made of copper. Rustic or shiny bright patina can complement both the new and old world kitchen styles. Hand hammered patterns add more character to a copper range hood and are a part of what gives it a distinctive look. This flexibility makes copper range hoods an excellent choice for any kitchen!

Copper ages gracefully...

Unlike other metal elements, copper becomes more beautiful with time. It’s true, mother nature has given copper a magical aging process. When left alone, copper interacts with its environment and naturally deepens in color and tone. Your copper range hood will become more beautiful as it ages! 

Cleaning your range hood...

Use clean soft, non-abrasive cloth or towel with soap and warm water. Please do not scrub with any acid based chemicals, this will damage the patina. It’s best to wipe your copper range hood dry to prevent any dry spots(these spots may effect or even ruin the patina finish). We always recommend to apply a light coat of wax to your range hood. This will add a layer of protection for your range hood patina finish against dust and grease. How often should you clean your range hood? As often as needed. This could be every 6-10 months(depending on how heavy and often you cook). 

Side note...

If you happen to scratch your range hood and end up with a shiny, bright streak, please let your range hood heal itself. Yes, you heard that right! Over short period of time the scratch will darken and cover with same patina color. No need to help the copper do its magic!